Business Licensing


Located in a beautiful and one of a kind location with wonderful opportunities, West Yellowstone, Montana is a natural for business. New businesses -both seasonal and year-round-are encouraged and welcomed.  Prior to opening, all new businesses must secure a business license from the Town Council-a process that may take up to three weeks.  Failure to obtain a Town business license is a violation of Town ordinances.

If a business will sell any goods or services that are subject to the Town’s resort tax, then a refundable resort tax bond in the sum of $500 must accompany the business license application. See taxable items and exemptions. The resort tax bond shall be executed by a surety company licensed to do business in Montana. In lieu of a surety bond, the applicant may submit a cash bond of equal amount.  …(reference section 5.04.060 of the Town of West Yellowstone Municiple code)

Fee Schedule

Basic business fee: $50
Transferred business: $25
Hotels, motels, condos etc: basic fee plus $3 per unit
Campgrounds and RV park: basic fee plus $1 per unit
Establishment License for all purpose beverage license: $250
Bars, taverns and lounges selling alcoholic beverages: basic fee plus $250 with all purpose beverage license
Beer and Wine: basic fee plus $50
Supermarkets: $100
Resturants; seating under 50: basic fee
Resturants; seating over 50: basic fee plus $50
Rental equiptment establishments; basic fee plus per unit: snowmobile/motor bikes/mini bikes, $0.25 cents per unit; cars, $1 per unit; bicycles, basic fee only
Wholesalers and freight delivery; not based in West Yellowstone: basic fee
Contractors: basic fee
All single purpose businessses; such as gift shops, cable TV, barber shops; basic fee
Multi business license; business under single ownership at a single address; basic plus $25 per each additional business
Banks: $100
Communications companies: $100
Daycare centers: basic fee

*Fees are not exclusive and may have additions or adjustments depending on the structure of your establishment.  Please refrence our municiple code for more information.


Expositions: $50 per vendor that does not already hold a West Yellowstone business license; or $250 for the entire event.

*Please apply for the license at least four weeks prior to the event.


Look to see what regulations apply to your business license


Show me a business license application

If you have questions, reference the link to the Town of West Yellowstone Municiple Code or to call the Town Office at (406) 646-7795