Town Boards

General Information:

All board members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Town Council.

All members are appointed for the terms listed and all vacancies are advertised.

Cemetery Board of Trustees

Established by ordinance, this board is composed of the Mayor and four residents of School District 69.  Board responsibilities include operational oversight and preparing recommendations to the Town Council pertaining to the care, upkeep and regulations at the Fir Ridge Cemetery.

West Yellowstone Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee (WYRLF)

Administered by the Town, this committee makes all lending decisions pertaining to the WYRLF.  Each of the six committee members are appointed to a four year term, and include the Town Operations Manager, the Town Financial Administrator, a representative from the local business community, a representative from the local community at large, and two representatives from the banking community.

Downtown Improvement District Advisory Board

Members work with the Town Council to develop a strategic plan for the downtown commercial area and address specific issues including interior park development, parking issues, beautification, sign regulations, and tree planting.

Health Care Services Advisory Board

Members identify and advise the Town Council on health care needs and services for the community of West Yellowstone and recommend appropriate strategies to the Council.  Board Members are appointed for a term of four years.

Marketing and Promotion Fund Advisory Board (MAP)

The board’s responsibilities include the development of a general marketing plan, the creation of annual budgets, and the establishment of criteria by which specific marketing projects are selected and funded.  In accordance with adopted policies and procedures, the board selects individual marketing and promotion projects and makes recommendations to the Town Council on the expenditure of MAP funds for such projects.  Board Members are appointed for a term of three years.  Click Here for the MAP Fund Application and Here for the suggested Budget Worksheet.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

This board advises the Town Council regarding park and recreation policies, facilities, programs, maintenance, development, funding, and other related needs of the community.  Board members are appointed for a term of four years.

Planning Board

This board develops recommendations to the Town Council on zoning, conditional uses, encroachments and subdivisions.  The board is composed of seven individuals that serve a two-year term.  Montana code stipulates that membership shall be as follows: one member of the Town Council, one member who may be an employee or hold public office in the city or county, one member that is designated by the County Commissioners, two citizen members that reside within the city limits, and two citizens that reside outside the city limits but within Gallatin County.

Police Commission

Duties of a Police Commissioner include screening police officer applicants and may be involved in officer disciplinary actions.  The board consists of three members who are appointed to three-year terms, but may be longer to provide for staggering of terms.

Sign Review & Appeals

This board hears appeals regarding compliance with and interpretation of Chapter 17.47 of the West Yellowstone Municipal Code, commonly known as the “Sign Ordinance.”  The board also reviews applications for the manual reader board (MRB) upgrade reimbursement program, which the Town is extending through 06/30/2015.  The board is composed of five persons with a representative from the following groups: the lodging industry, the retail industry, the food service industry, the Town of West Yellowstone Planning Board, and the general citizenry of the town.

Snow Arbitration

This seven member board is administers written snow management rules and regulations and manages their enforcement.  Board members are appointed for a term of four years.

Tourism Business Improvement District Board of Trustees

This board is charged administering the affairs and finances of the district for the purpose of promoting tourism and travel to West Yellowstone.  The board is composed of seven people that represent the lodging industry.


Interested individuals should complete and return the ‘Application for Boards and Committees’ which is available from the FORMS page or at the Town Offices.   For more information on vacancies or to request an application by e-mail, please contact the Town Offices, 646-7795, or