Capital Improvement Plan

The West Yellowstone Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) details the Town’s long-term plans for capital outlays and capital projects that are necessary to maintain ongoing operations or improve efficiency.  Capital outlays include operating equipment which will last longer than three years and have an initial cost per item of at least $5,000. 


A capital project is a project of a non-recurring nature with a cost of at least $5,000 and an estimated service life of at least 10 years.  The Plan identifies each capital item or project’s description and includes a  justification for its purchase, the fiscal year during the item will be purchased or the project implemented, the cost of each purchase or project, and the anticipated funding source for each capital expenditure. 


The scope, cost, timetable, and available funding for the capital expenditures can be readily analyzed for the next one or two years.  Beyond that time frame, it becomes increasingly difficult to estimate costs and funding sources.


The CIP is a plan, not an appropriation or approval of a specific project.  As a plan, the CIP is flexible and updated annually to reflect changing circumstances.


Capital Improvement Plan

Fiscal Years 2017-2021

Fiscal Years  2016-2020

Fiscal years 2015-2019

Fiscal years 2014-2018

Fiscal years 2013-2017

Fiscal years 2011-2015