Town Council

Current Members                                          Term Expires         

Mayor Jerry Johnson                                       12/31/2017

Cole Parker                                                      12/31/2017

Pierre Martineau                                               12/31/2019

Brad Schmier                                                12/31/2017

Greg Forsythe                                                  12/31/2019

The Mayor is elected annually at the first Town Council Meeting in January.
Town Council members serve four-year terms which commence on the first day of the year following their election and expire four years later on the last day of the year.
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*Costello was appointed by the Council to fill a vacated seat in July of 2013, will serve through 2015.

Getting to know your Town Council


We asked Council members the following questions:

1.  What are your ties to West Yellowstone or how did you came to reside here?
2. What inspired you to become a member of the Town Council?
3.  How many years have you served on the Town Council?


Jerry Johnson (Mayor 2000-2005; Mayor 2011-2013)

1. My family moved here before I was born.  I’ve never really wanted to be anywhere else except when it snows in April.
2. I became interested in government in high school and wanted to give back to our community so when I graduated from college I visited with some city leaders who wanted me to run and I did.
3. 15 years

 Deputy Mayor

Brad Schmier

1. My parents bought a business in West in 1968.  It was seasonal back then.  As winter business improved, we moved for good to West in 1972.  I finished high school here and stayed.
2. I was interested in the process and why the council makes some of the decisions they do.  People were not happy with what was happening at the time and I was encouraged to run for city council.  I am glad I did and have learned a lot.
3. I was elected in the fall of 2009 and my term began in January 2010.  I am in my first term on the Council.


Council Members

Pierre Martineau

1. I got a job in the park and several friends and I would go to West Yellowstone to have dinner at the Gusher.  My wife and I fell in love with West Yellowstone and decided to stay.  We raised our kids here and have never stopped loving this Town.
2. I wanted to help move the Town forward, into the 21st century.
3. I have served on the Town Council for a total of 6 years.  Two of those years as Mayor.


Cole Parker

1. I have lived in West Yellowstone, seasonally, since childhood. At a young age I began working for my parents at our family business. I received my first paying job when I was 12 at the Silver Spur Cafe. I always wanted to make West Yellowstone my permanent home and in 2000 my wife and I decided to make the move and raise our three children here. Currently we own and operate the Westgate Station.
2. I want to ensure that future growth and development benefits the whole community and to confirm that the infrastructure is capable of supporting that growth.
3. This is my first year on the council


Greg Forsythe

1. I have lived in West Yellowstone 34 years and have owned the Westmart Building Center since 1980. I have two children that have completed their K-12 education in West. Both have gone on to complete their College education’s one from University of Montana and the other from Montana State University.
2.The main reason for being on the City Council is it is my hope to prepare the Town for the future and to hopefully give back a portion of what the town has given to my Family and business.
3. This is my first year on the council I was elected for a 2 yr. term.