The West Yellowstone City Court is an independent branch of government, constitutionally entrusted with the fair and just resolution of disputes. The Court works diligently to efficiently and effectively accomplish the duties of the West Yellowstone Town Charter, the laws and Constitutions of the State of Montana and the United States.  The court handles civil cases, criminal misdemeanors, and local ordinance violations.


The court is staffed by a part–time Judge and a part–time Clerk of Court.


M-F 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Additional Information

How to obtain an Order of Protection:

Use this link to obtain an application for a Temporary Order of Protection.

How to obtain a marriage license:

Marriage licenses are issued through Gallatin County by the Clerk of District Court. Proceed to marriage license information or call (406) 582–2165 for more information.  For additional information about getting married, venues or areas to get married in West Yellowstone, contact the Court Clerk at (406) 646–7845 or the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce at (406) 646–7701. Also check out Town rental facilities…Take me there!

How to obtain information or other court forms or services:

Proceed to State Law Library of Montana for guidance.

Make a payment on a fine or citation given by the Town of West Yellowstone Court or the West Yellowstone Police Department:

1) Post cash bond or write a check made payable to Town of West Yellowstone Court; or

2) Pay online at  (additional charges may apply).

If you have been instructed how to pay your citation and do not have the proper paperwork to do so, please use the contact information below to request further instructions.


Contact Information:

Clerk of Court,
City Court Judge Kathleen A. Brandis
440 Yellowstone Avenue
Po Box 1570
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Phone: (406) 646–7845
Fax: (406) 646–7311