Police Department


The West Yellowstone Police works closely with local residents, visitors and other law enforcement agencies to prevent and solve crime so that all can enjoy a high quality of life here in West Yellowstone.


The Police Department is staffed by twelve people including the Chief of Police, a Sergeant, and four Police Officers; with one being a school resource officer. The department has six 911 dispatchers, one being the dispatch sergeant.  Chief of Police, Scott Newell.


The department provides law enforcement, protection, and dispatch service for the Town of West Yellowstone seven days a week, twenty–four hours a day. This is a valuable asset of the department due to the distance between West Yellowstone and the rest of the municipalities in Gallatin County.

Additional Information


Parking in the town of West Yellowstone is indicated by curb markings and is strictly enforced: Yellow means NO parking, Red means NO parking (fire hydrant area), Blue means handicap parking (able to access with current handicap sticker displayed in plain view in windshield.)
Parking on the street is limited to 5 days.

When in doubt about areas for parking, contact West Yellowstone Police for assistance.


West Yellowstone is proud to be the self-proclaimed snowmobile capital of the world and we DO allow snowmobiles to travel on our streets and alleys.  Please note that snowmobiles are not allowed on US Hwy 20 or US Hwy 191-otherwise known as Canyon Street.  Snowmobiles may cross the highways but are not allowed to travel with the flow of traffic.

Crime or complaint:

If you have witnessed a crime or have a complaint, please use the following form and send it in by email, US Mail, or drop it off in person at the police department…Voluntary Witness Statement.

Make a payment on a fine or citation given by the Town of West Yellowstone Court or the West Yellowstone Police Department:

1)Post cash bond or personal check made payable to Town of West Yellowstone Court; or

2)Online at Paygov.com (additional charges may apply)

If you have been instructed how to pay your citation and do not have the proper paperwork to do so, please use the contact information above to request further instructions.


Contact Information:

124 Yellowstone Ave
PO Box 1570
West Yellowstone, MT 59759
Emergency (for all emergencies) Dial 911
Non-emergency and other calls 406-646-7600