Public Works


Public Works includes construction, operation, and
maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure, which includes streets, sidewalks,
buildings, parks, water/sewer system, and all other public places.


Public Works is staffed by seven individuals including the Superintendent of Public Services, Deputy Superintendent of Public Services, two Operators, two Facilities-Custodial Techs, and one seasonal laborer.

Superintendent of Public Services: James Patterson
Deputy Superintendent of Public Services: David Arnado


Public Works operates seven days a week, but hours fluctuate based on needs and snowfall!  An employee is available to assist with questions, comments, or concerns during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.  The personnel in this department have responsibilities all over town and may not always be in the office.  Feel free to leave a message and your call or email will be returned.


NOTICE: Potential Limited Availability of Water Supply & Sewer Capacity



It is considered work in the public way when: 

All work performed within the public right of way of the Town of West Yellowstone requires the issuance of an excavation permit. Excavation permits are necessary for utility excavation, water taps, sewer taps, sidewalk, curb, gutter and driveway access construction. All work performed must be in compliance with the Town’s Standards for Design and Construction, which can be obtained from the Public Services Office. Prior to the issuance of the permit the applicant must provide written proof of insurance and bonding. Work conducted in the right of way of the state highway is subject to the approval by the Montana Department of Transportation. The Town of West Yellowstone Public Services Department requires the marking of all excavations in white be flagged Locates must be called in to the Utilities Underground Location Center contacted at 1–800–424–5555 two (2) working days before excavating. The excavation permit holder must follow all state and federal (including OSHA) safety regulations.

Schedule for street sweeping and plowing: 

Street sweeping in the business district will normally be performed before 6:30 AM weekdays, weather permitting. Residential areas will be swept after 8:00 AM weekdays, weather permitting. Snowplowing will typically begin at 4:00 AM after 3 inches or more snow has accumulated on the streets. Old Town is plowed first followed by Grizzly Park and the Madison Addition. Snow hauling is performed Monday through Thursday starting at 9:00 AM. Town plows are not responsible for clearing private driveways or snow from private property. Town ordinance prohibits pushing snow from private property onto the public streets or sidewalks. All privately moved snow must be removed to a designated snow storage area. The interior parks within each block of Old Town have been designated as free snow storage areas. A limited number of additional snow storage areas are available through a permit system, referred to as “snow encroachment permits.” Applications for these “snow encroachment permits” are available at the Public Services Office or the Town Offices. All snow encroachment permits must be approved by the Town Council. Madison Addition and Grizzly Park property owners are required to store snow on private property. Parkways (alleys) are designated rights of way and must remain open through the winter season. Blocking a Parkway with snow is prohibited.

Visit the Forms Page:

Please look at the forms and permits to see if one may pertain to your needs.  Once reviewed additional questions will be answered by contacting the Public Works Department or calling the Town Offices at 646-7795.



Town of West Yellowstone Public Services
440 Yellowstone Ave
P.O. Box 1570
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Phone: (406) 646-7609
Publice Service Superintendent cell phone: (406)640-9074
Fax: (406)646-7104