The Town of West Yellowstone operates a natural cemetery located approximately nine miles north of town.  Fir Ridge Cemetery overlooks the rim of the caldera in Yellowstone National park to its east and Hebgen Lake and the mountains of the continental divide to its south and west.  It is governed, maintained and controlled by the Town.


Full size plot: $100 plus $50 perpetual care
Cremains plot: $15 plus $35 perpetual care

Plots may be purchased at the Town Hall; 440 Yellowstone Avenue.

Application for Sale and Purchase of Cemetery Lots;

Additional Information


The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.

Public Record

Information on plot owners or burials is open to the public and available at the Town Hall.

Ornamentation, decoration and shrubbery

Artificial decorations are permitted, but must be removed within seven days of placement in the cemetery.

Flower arrangements or other decorations will be removed from plots as soon as the flowers become wilted or unsightly.

Potted flowers and plants that have become deteriorated will be removed, after the first frost.

The board directs all maintenance efforts and may remove trees and shrubs from plots as necessary.

The use of glass jars, or glass vases or flower boxes are prohibited.


In keeping with the natural surroundings and environment all monuments must not exceed the ground level in height. No vaults, crypts or mausoleums are allowed.  A permit, costing $5.00 and available at the Town Office, is required prior to setting any type of monument.

Failure to comply with policies regarding monuments may result in its removal.

Other regulations and specifics may be found by following the municipal code link in the left menu bar to chapter 12.28. 


The cemetery is governed by a five member board of trustees appointed by the Town Council.  For more information visit our Town Boards page.