Historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge



The Union Pacific Dining Lodge was constructed in 1908 with only a kitchen and a serving area.  By 1920 the UPDL had become so popular that there was a need for more space to accommodate more guests and so a rest pavilion was built in 1922.  As the new railroad began to bring more people into West Yellowstone more room was needed to serve it’s guests so by 1925 the dining lodge that could serve up to a thousand meals per day was completed.  That is the historic rock and timber dining lodge you see today.  There have been few modifications since the lodge opened in 1926.

Contact Information

The dining lodge may be rented for special events and meetings by contacting the Yellowstone Historic Center at (406) 646-7461.

For more information on the history of West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park visit the Yellowstone Historic Center website.