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The Town’s municipal water source is Whiskey Springs, a naturally occurring spring located on the plateau south of West Yellowstone.  The Town is fortunate to have a gravity fed system, which is very efficient and economical.  Since our water comes directly out of a spring, it is not treated.  Water samples are taken and analyzed several times a month and the Town does have the ability to treat water if necessary.  During peak seasons and low spring flow, the Town also has the ability to pump water from a well that is located behind the Public Works compound, commonly called “The Railroad Well.”

The water from Whiskey Springs does have naturally occurring high fluoride content.  Although this is usually beneficial for adults, high fluoride can negatively affect children’s teeth because they are not fully formed.  A helpful remedy is to supplement a child’s intake with bottled water.

Quality on Tap Report (CCR) for the Town of West Yellowstone2011, 2012, 2013

The Town’s sewage lagoon is west of Town on Forest Service land leased from the Montana Aeronautics Division.  The Town maintains two lift stations, one in the Madison Addition and one at the west edge of Town, that pump the waste-water to the lagoon for treatment.  Fishing at the lagoon is not recommended.

Please note that our sewer system does not have the capacity to process items such as towels and diapers.  There have been multiple occurrences in recent years when the entire system was clogged because of such items.  Retrofitting the system with a grinder that could handle such items would be extremely expensive and require the Town to raise sewer rates.  Instead, the Town has made an effort to educate residents about the problem and encourage them to dispose of such items in a more appropriate manner.  Feel free to thank the next Public Services employee you see for clearing those clogs…it’s not a fun job.


The Town of West Yellowstone will grow and this growth will necessitate further expansion and improvement of the water and sewer systems in the future. To ensure that the Town will collect funds sufficient for ongoing operations and maintenance, together with funds to expand and improve the system, base fees were established.

Water base and usage fees were established in Resolution No. 676.

The monthly equivalent use rate for sewer was established in Resolution No. 677.

The following is the Water and Sewer Rate Increase Plan.


Make a payment on a utility account by

1) Cash or personal check made payable to Town of West Yellowstone at the Town Hall office (440 Yellowstone Avenue); or

2) Online at Paygov.com (additional charges may apply)

3) Automatic withdrawal from a checking account (drafted on the 25th of the month)

*provide me an ACH Authorization Form

Additional Information

Water shut off or turn on

The Public Services Department will turn on or shut off water service upon request, provided the department receives forty–eight (48) hour notice. Please contact the Public Services Department weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to schedule this service. Please note that there is a fee for this service. For weekend, holiday, or after-hours emergencies, contact dispatch at 646–7600.

Water meter breaks or issues

Replacement meters and repair parts can be purchased from the Public Services Office, see contact information below.

Connecting to the water or sewer (waste water) system

A plumbing permit is required for new sewer service connections and alterations to lateral lines. Plumbing permits and Public Services Standards may be obtained from the Public Services Office. Connection fees are required and a licensed plumber is required to perform a connection to the Town’s sewer main lines. Connection taps will not be performed on Fridays, weekends or holidays. Connection inspections are mandatory and should be scheduled with the Public Services Office forty–eight (48) hours in advance.

Delinquent accounts

When bills are not paid within thirty days from the past due date, the town water superintendent shall issue an order to shut off and discontinue water service to such delinquent customers. In case service is discontinued for delinquency, it shall not be restored until the delinquency is paid, or until arrangements for payment satisfactory to the town clerk have been made.

In the event that a delinquent customer fails to pay his bill within the time set forth above, the town may discontinue town water service and enter upon the property for accomplishing such purposes. (Ord. 138 §28, 1989)



If you have any questions regarding utilities call the Town Offices at (406) 646-7795.